AOI Pro. Corporate Officer Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Selected for One Show 2023 Jury

We are honored to announce that our corporate officer Yoshiyuki Suzuki will be a Jury Member of the Moving Image Craft & Production category at the One Show 2023.

The One Show was founded by a non-profit organization “The One Club for Creativity” in New York in 1973, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It is acknowledged as one of the three biggest international advertising festivals in the world.

Nearly 300 leading creatives and business leaders from 40 countries are selected to judge approximately 20,000 works from around the world.

Yoshiyuki Suzuki - Corporate Officer / Executive Producer

Yoshiyuki Suzuki was born in New Jersey and lived in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles with his family.
After graduating from a University in Tokyo, he started his career at AOI Pro. and later worked as a creative producer for an advertising company, an e-commerce company, and a B-to-C brand, gaining producing experience for a diverse range of brands and projects.It's rare to see such a range of skills as his in the creative industry.
From 2000 to 2014, he produced campaigns for global brands including Coca-Cola, Nissan, BMW, and Sony. Suzuki actively seeks to incorporate the latest film technologies in his projects. He was the creative producer of the first 3D commercial spot for BMW AG and recently served as the executive producer of a virtual film production for a top Japanese musician. After returning to AOI Pro., he now works as a Corporate Officer for the AOI Pro., global production department, direct-to-client department and digital content team. He is also the board member of the recently launched film production company Ampersand, which is located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Find out more at the One Show website