LEXUS - The New RZ

Our launch film for the new LUXUS EV-only model "RZ" has just been released. The film, which consists of countless pure sounds of the natural world collected in real life, represents the brand's desire to stimulate the driver's senses and allow them to experience the voices yet to be heard by mankind. It is also a reflection of Lexus' determination to evolve into a car that is in tune with the senses of nature, as much as those of the drivers.

This film was produced in collaboration with Ampersand, a Santa Monica-based production company co-founded by us AOI Pro. and Nomad Editing Company, Inc. Ampersand was involved in the project from the planning phase, coordinating the car shoot in San Francisco and the overseas shoot with a small crew, as well as offline editing, color grading, and sound design, all while maintaining close communication with our production team.

The scenes of nature were shot in San Francisco, Michigan, Thailand, and Peru, while the car scenes were shot in San Francisco and at the Fuji Speedway in Gotemba, Japan. We only used existing footage for three shots, and the rest was filmed using camera cars, low-loaders, and drones.

The shoot was conducted remotely, directed by Caleb Slain, who has worked with Lexus before and is highly trusted by both the client and the agency. The remarkable visual beauty of his works can be attributed to his thorough attention to detail with not only the shoot, but also the editing and final delivery of the film.

Turn on the sound and enjoy the beautiful interplay between LEXUS and the natural world!