Director: CHRIS RUDZ, NIWA and TAKCOM signs with AOIJapan

We are excited to announce that AOI Pro. Global has signed contracts with Chris Rudz, Takayuki Niwa and TAKCOM for exclusive international representation (for TAKCOM, France and China are exception).

Chris was born in Poland and is currently based in Tokyo, working as a commercial director and cinematographer. After graduating university in Japan, he has worked on feature films as a DOP and then joined Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to work on projects for major brands.

TAKCOM is a Japanese director who embraces state-of-the-art technology and expression that represent the current times, using sci-fi and technology as motifs in his works.

Takayuki Niwa, also a Japanese director, has studied film making at City University of New York and worked for AOI Pro. as a director until he became a freelancer in 2007.

For more information of the directors, visit our Director page for Japan