Tokyo Tokyo "Always Surprising" - Behind the Scenes

A POV film that envelopes the viewer in the vibrant atmosphere and emotions of daily life in Tokyo and really brings home in authentic fashion what it means. Last year at AOI Pro., we partnered the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to create an enticing work; one that encapsulates an elegant and almost under-the-radar experience unique to the city and fresh encounters bound to thrill the audience. Earlier this year, the work was named winner at the One Show Asia Showcase 2020 in the categories of Craft - Video Direction/Editing/Cinematography as well as Sound Design/Music. 

This film aims to attract more foreign visitors to Tokyo and spark an even deeper level of interest among them. Director Ryan McGuire and DOP Ziga Zupancic were brought on board to bring in an external perspective.

Both versions – namely “Calm” and “Energy” - were shot in a total of 40 locations and all the footage was shot from scratch. Producer Kazumasa Kobayashi admitted that “Shooting all those locations on a limited budget was a tough ask.” While carefully keeping a handle on equipment and art costs and doubling the original filming schedule allowed from 5 to 10 days, the team strove through trial and error to optimize the plan and make it all work.

Producer’s words:
“This project reminded me of all the many wonderful places Tokyo has to visit and I am convinced travelers too will get the chance to experience all the charm of Japanese people’s ‘Omotenashi’ spirit. ”


Client - Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau
Agency - Dentsu
Director - Ryan McGuire (Cutters Studios Tokyo)
DOP - Ziga Zupancic
Producer - Shinya Takahashi, Tomohiro Kanzaki, Kazumasa Kobayashi
Online Editor - Yusaku Yasuda (Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Sound Designer/Mixer - Mike Regan
Composer- Sam Billen