UBER EATS - Reading/Dressing Up/Reliability Awareness

Late last month, the sixth edition of Uber Eats Japan series was released. Japanese actress Yumi Adachi and Mana Ashida co-star in the films, with Mana visiting Yumi's home. The film was shot in a studio in Tokyo for two days. 

This commercial marked the first time the two had worked together in seven years. The art is sprinkled with easter eggs that reflect their actual tastes; For example, Yumi's favorite plants and miniature models are placed throughout the living room, while Mana, who loves reading, carries a bookshelf-shaped backpack. Her bookshelf backpack is apparently lined with many formal books, but when you look closely, you will see titles that pay homage to the films in which Mana has appeared.

The series has been attracting a lot of attention in Japan because of the unexpected combination of big-name celebrities performing together. While keeping the "ordering delivery" situation, the series was created through repeated trial and error from the planning stage to set up scenes and dialogue that could only be achieved with that pairing.