UberEats "Training" - Behind the Scenes

Just released for Japan – the third edition of UberEats’ Tonight I’ll be Eating campaign! It’s called “Training” and features celebrity duo and household names Hiroshi Abe and Takayuki Yamada. 

Special Group got the campaign ball rolling in Australia back in 2017, enlisting local celebrity favorites to great acclaim and paving the way to bring the campaign overseas. “We were sure we’d get a thumbs-up in Japan, given its long-established penchant for celebrity appeal and influence” commented Francois Claverie, Creative Director at UltraSuperNew. Production of this third edition started in late April, right after completing the previous edition with Nana Komatsu and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

The campaign uses celebrity duos that surprise people, with both similar and contrasting traits, but great overall chemistry. “With the right pair in place, all you have to do is tap into each of their talents, known traits or quirks and a wealth of scenario ideas emerges, like magic. What we then do is envisage how the two could be hanging out, plausibly and in a place people relate to” says Claverie.

Hiroshi Abe, synonymous with fitness and health, was voted “most attractive body” by Japanese males in Oricon News’ survey. Yamada, conversely, is more one-pack than six-pack. Accordingly, the creative team imagined Abe inviting Yamada over to his home gym, where both would then work out in their own way.

After handling the first and second editions, director for the “Training” episode was also Hisashi Eto. “For both agency and client, he is the go-to person and the production went smoothly without issues. This series requires delicate humor, but the director pulls it off each time” says Producer Jun Yoshikawa.

Can we expect more sequels? “Nothing is rubber-stamped just yet, but we have many exciting duos in the pipeline!” confided Claverie.

Watch the full video from HERE!